Plastics enable modern life and they are often the least environmentally damaging material available: even conventional plastics are better than alternatives like metal. Still, there is room for improvement.

The AdvancedBMT platform is the no-compromise solution plastic manufacturers have been waiting for. Our value proposition to clients is better price and performance than traditional materials. The AdvancedBMT solution is immediately scaleable and will provide significant social and environmental benefits.

Social Responsibility.

Cost effective eco friendly materials.

  • making cars safer and more energy efficient
  • making plastics cheaper and more available to low income populations
  • reducing the need for dangerous and unhealthy working conditions for the production of minerals and oil and gas
  • protecting the earths water, atmosphere and soil
  • preserving nature and the animal kingdom

The  plastics manufacturers we work with, their CEOs, COOs and engineers have expressed to us how much they would like to work with healthier, more environmentally friendly materials, if the materials were also cost effective. 

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